ice cream kiosk


At Spauna's ice cream kiosk, you can get Nuvole's handmade Italian ice cream!

Nuvole is a Turku-based producer of handmade artisan Italian ice cream, also known as gelato. The ice cream is made in small batches by hand using traditional Italian recipes, resulting in a richer texture and more intense flavor compared to industrial ice cream.

The basis of the ice cream production is high-quality and natural ingredients. For example, the strawberry ice cream contains about 40% strawberries! Fresh Finnish milk and cream, as well as other domestic ingredients, are used whenever available. The pistachio paste used in pistachio ice cream is sourced from Italy.

Come and taste our delicious flavors! Our ice cream kiosk is open daily during the season from 10 AM to 6:30 PM. (If you can't find us, please ask at the restaurant)

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