Minna and Zohar Haran

Your hosts in Kustavi

Here we are, enjoying our vacation in the Netherlands, the Fontana Resort Bad Nieuweschans spa hotel. In a spa, once again 🙂

We have had a long interest in spas and many of them have become familiar to us. Everything related to well-being, relaxation, nature and beautiful surroundings, pampering both the body and the soul — these are the things that matter to us the most.

Minna ja Zohar Haran | Spauna

In Finland we looked for a suitable business that we could turn into a spa. Or, as we are in Finland and sauna has it's own charm, a spa and sauna village, Spauna.

In the autumn 2016 we finally found just the right place, Kustavin Kalatuvat (Kustavi Fishing Lodges) in Kustavi. What a wonderful place and such beautiful nature! We signed the preliminary agreement and lo and behold, we have now moved to Finland!

We met in London in the early eighties, Minna from Helsinki and Zohar from Haifa. Since then we have lived under the Israeli sun, studying, working, bringing up the kids and pet animals. Living the full life. My profession is in interior designer and my husband owned his own carpentry business.

But now we have moved to Finland and are about to start our own sauna and spa village, Spauna. Our son, Tom, and our three cats and three dogs moved with us here. Our daughter Iivi stayed in Israel for her military service.

Come and follow our journey!

Read, why we picked Kustavi of all places.

welcome to kustavi!