vuosnainen nature trail

A more than a kilometer-long nature trail starts next to Spauna and Vuosnainen ferry port. The nature trail is 1.3 kilometers long and runs along the cliffs and in the wooded terrain. The route is not suitable for people with reduced mobility or small children. In the rain and in wintertime, the cliffs are very slippery, so moving around the route requires special attention. There is a picnic table and benches in the viewpoint of the route. description:

Nature Trail Route Number: 309
Length of the route: 1.5 km
Highlights: Seaside cliffs and great views of the sea and archipelago
Parking: Vuosnaistentie 617, Spauna, or other parking spaces at the ferry port.
Equipment / footwear: When moving on rocks, well-fitting footwear is necessary - especially in the rain.
Difficulty: Medium
No fireplace

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